Fungus Soap

mantar1The first 100% natural soap offered us by nature’s special oils derived from plants, free of  synthetic chemicals but contains antiseptic properties.

Its contents are completely natural, animal fats, synthetic preservatives and coloring agents are not used or included.

Produced as a result of a very special and long-term scientific studies. Contains turpentine oil, juniper tar, and laurel oil. The effects against fungal diseases has been strengthened for the skin.

It shows the effects  without disturbing the flora of the skin because it does not contain synthetic chemicals. Can be used for hair removal, hand, foot and nail care against bacteria and fungi during maintenance providing superior protection and a natural beauty treatment for the skin and is an ideal hygienic care product used by many health centers.

It provides high protection gainst bacteria and fungi, leading to discomfort, causing genital infections in the genital area of women and men and helps the treatment of fungus and bacteria.

It is an excellent product for cleaning vaginal outer surface, helps to ensure menstrual hygiene  for women. Can easily be used for pre-or post-bacterial protection ensuring the hygiene of the genital region, as well as women, men relationships. It is a cellular care product with herbal ingredients, does not harm the environment.