Hair with Dandruff

kepekliEven some skin cut off again when the applications are emerging. Although it is not contagious bad image and is quite irritating itching on the scalp. The skin consists of dead skin throwing this whole process with the new ranges .

This process of change should be no dead skin accumulates quickly and spills occur. Depending on many factors have been found to occur . Skin is dry , styling and coloring agents used externally , seborrheic dermatitis , yeast ( Malassezia ) can be counted as factors in particular .

When scalp itch without scratching it is very difficult to stop . Terms that you scratch your scalp is harmful. Because when you scratch the dead skin to swell and bran will increase. It also weakens the hair can also cause more breakage . This means that the tear- related hair loss .

Dermanaturel dandruff shampoo for 16 years as a result of R & D activities through a very specific formula and components to eliminate these types of problems has a superior content . It also has anti-bacterial property is hipoallerji .

Cellular maintenance is a product of nature and will not harm the environment . Herbal content is 98% , it is not medicine .