Color Restoring Hair Shampoo

siyahlandirici100% natural product with pH 5.5 containing minerals, vitamins and plant extracts specially formulated to help to contribute returning natural hair color. People die their hair to get rid of white hair, however, this is a temporary solution. Our product strictly does not contain any coloring agents.

It helps to regain natural hair color by increasing the secretion of melanin in pigments. In addition, to reduce hair loss, dandruff and decrease scalp oil to correct lubrication, will help hair re-formation. Has anti-bacterial properties. Any allergic reaction in any of the scalp applications was not found. It is a cellular care product with herbal ingredients, does not harm the environment. Color restoring is done by renewing hair pigment cells.

Usage: Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage and let soak for 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water and . Repeat if necessary.Provides an ideal care.

If you would like to make your hair softer and easily shaped, use the Derma-natural hair conditioner. Using every other day for 3 months is recommended for best results. Does not require usage of any other shampoo.